April 17, 2012
Thoughts about Citizens United on tax day

In honor of today being tax day, Jose Suarez writes an essay called “If Corporations Are Persons, Then They Should Be Better People on Tax Day” for The Huffington Post. ┬áThe first paragraph is below.

Last year, with the Citizens United decision, the Supreme Court informed us that not only are corporations people, but they are entitled to the same rights as people. In that particular case, the decision was made based on the right to free speech. Or at least the right to give almost unlimited amounts to “communicate” via paid ads and commercials to the public on election year. Even Mitt Romney jumped on the bandwagon to defend his favorite people — corporate America. However, here’s what we should be asking. If corporations are entitled to the same rights as everyday Americans, why don’t they have the same responsibility to pay their fair share in taxes?

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